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  • New tool available: Re-Volt texture exporter plugin for GIMP

    The GIMP addon I've released on ORP last month is now finally available on my website. For newcomers, this plugin allows to easily export mipmap textures for Re-Volt directly from GIMP 2.8. The documentation has also been completed.

  • Website major internal update

    After having used Kompozer to edit this site for a while, it started to show its age as far as new standards (like HTML5 and CSS3) are concerned. Unfortunately, my quest to find a descent substitute has regrettably failed. Except BlueGriffon, it seems that there's no decent free non-web-based WYSIWYG HTML editor that supports HTML5. And I don't really believe in BlueGriffon so far: its default - free - CSS editor is a pain and has just revealed to be unusable when you know what a CSS is (and just look for a helpful user interface to edit parameters). For a while I've been wondering about using a CMS like the blogging tool WordPress, but except for the news feed it was not going to be really appropriate. There's no native tool to generate the Table of Content of an article, the difficulty to set your own <div> and id / classes in an article didn't sound very convincing to me, etc. so I came to the conclusion it would likely take too much investment before I can be satisfied with it (the same apply to any other CMS...).

    So I switched to: manual HTML editing. :) Finally free! The power to write clean code is now in my hands... To automate some tasks I've finally learnt PHP. I won't have to edit the ToC by hand anymore (it's even better than with Kompozer). I just hope the PHP code won't impair the website responsiveness (I do like when things are simple, fast and efficent). But I'm glad I don't have to rely on an external and/or overkill system for a little website as this one. Ok, visitors won't be able to post comment, but really, is it that important? (note that I'm not really asking, since you can't answer :P )

    There is not much new content except a few revisions here and there as this update was mostly internal. All pages should be HTML5 and CSS3 valid. And there's now a RSS feed you can suscribe to to stay tuned about my website or tools update (if anyone feel the need of an Atom feed as well, just let me know).

  • WorldCut new release

    Bugfix release of WorldCut.
    (Note: this file has been updated a few hours after the first release, please re-download it if needed)

  • WorldCut new release, site update

    New release of WorldCut.

    The website should looks better for IE users (thanks Huki for the tips). In case it doesn't, check Huki's offtopic in the post here.

  • New tool: WorldCut

    New tool available: WorldCut (manage Cubes/BigCubes in Re-Volt .w world file)

  • Site update

    The whole site layout has been updated.

    Added a "News" section on this homepage.

    The WolfR4 documentation is now up to date with the last release.


To send me an email, use my name (should be easy to guess from my website's name) and append @free.fr

For any bug report, feedback or suggestion about one of my Re-Volt tools, I strongly suggest you use the ORP forum.